Soffit and Fascia Installation

About Installing Fascia Trim

If you are looking to repair or install fascia, Meerkat can complete all types sizes of projects. We can fix or install aluminum fascia. As experts in installing and replacing soffit and fascia, we can ensure fascia properly protects your home from weather damage through all seasons of the year while adding curb appeal. Contact Meerkat for a quote on fascia board installation, repair or replacement.

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Aluminum Fascia Installation

Meerkat carries a wide variety of aluminum soffit and fascia materials. As an affordable and durable material, aluminum is a popular choice for soffit and fascia installation.

Installing Aluminum Fascia

Aluminum is a durable material that is flexible enough for use in soffits and fascia. Installing aluminum soffit and fascia can create an elegant look for any home.

Replacing Soffit and Fascia

Like in all home maintenance, your fascia will succumb to the natural elements – especially in Calgary. Replacing soffit and fascia is a process that involves installing new fascia over the existing or completely reinstalling the fascia.

Install Fascia During Roofing Projects

If you are getting your roof installed or repaired, Meerkat can save you the hassle by completing the soffit and fascia installation. We will make it clear during your quote what to expect from our roofing and soffit/fascia installation services.

Roofing Services

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Contact Meerkat if you have any questions about fascia board installation or repair.

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