Roof Installations

There are many, many different methods of roofing installation. Each method has its own required materials depending on the type of roofing being used (e.g. metal, cedar shakes, rubber shingles, asphalt shingles). Each installation method is used for different purposes and requires many different types of products. Because of the complexity of roof installations and their corresponding materials, it is important for homeowners to realize not all of them will be covered in your insurance claim.

Insurance Coverage for Various Roof Installations 

Usually, insurance companies only cover the type of installation that was in place previous to the claim. This is assessed by the insurance company’s estimator, or if they request it, through Meerkat’s estimate team. The assessment reviews the types of materials that were in place, and the quality of the products used. This assessment is what dictates what installation and what materials Meerkat will use during repairs, unless the customer desires upgrades.

Insurance Coverage for Individual Roof Elements 

Typically, insurance companies will only cover items on your roof that are visibly damaged. This means they may not cover things like vents, rotten decking or existing flashings not visibly damaged but still require replacement due to the new roof installation. It is also important to note that upgrades to any of the materials used are almost never covered by insurance. Insurance companies only cover the cost of an upgrade if the original product, and no similar products, are available.

Upgrades to Roofing Materials or Installations

You can always request an upgraded roof installation based on your preference and home needs. Our estimate team is happy to provide you with a quote in order to ensure your roof is exactly the way you want it to be, regardless of what portion will be covered by your insurance. We will work with you to ensure you get the best products for your needs and budget.

“My neighbours and I were impressed by the lack of debris when the job was finished. We were unable to find any of the usual nails and bits of shingles – a tribute to your company’s standards and the success in meeting them!” – Fran G.