Emergency Support

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If you feel you have a roofing emergency, Meerkat Roofing & Exteriors is here to help! Read our emergency scenarios below to see what steps you can take right now to ensure your individual situation is handled appropriately.

Roof Leaking

1) Be sure that your roof is in fact what is leaking. Stains on your ceiling, water in light fixtures or drips from a bathroom vent may not necessarily mean your roof is leaking. During a typical Southern Alberta winter, temperatures can change drastically in a very short period of time which, sometimes leads to rapid melting of ice that has accumulated in attics due to poor ventilation, and eventually seepage into your home. To assess whether your roof is indeed leaking, go into your attic with a flashlight and examine the roof deck and vapour barrier under the insulation. Look for frost or icicles on the underside of the roof, or signs of melting like puddles of water on the vapour barrier. If these signs are present, the problem is likely not your roof, but improper attic ventilation or insulation.

2) If your roof is leaking as the result of a storm event (eg. wind storm, hail storm, etc.), see the Storm Events section below.

3) If you are sure the roof itself is leaking, and it is not the result of a storm event (or one not covered by insurance), call us immediately. If our office is closed, our emergency phone number is 403-874-5550. We usually get our crews out within 24 hours, sometimes within just a couple hours, we can do an emergency patch/waterproofing to prevent any further damage. For the repair itself, we usually endeavour to get our crews out to do the repair within 2-4 days. Please note if there has been severe weather or a storm event this may be delayed, as we deal with numerous roofing emergencies.


1) Ensure the roof itself is the source of the leaking.
2) Ensure the leak isn’t the result of a storm event, for which you will receive insurance coverage.
3) Contact Meerkat Roofing immediately for a temporary patch and estimate for a full roof repair.

Storm Events

1) If your roof was damaged by a major storm event (eg. shingles blown off, hail damage to shingles, etc.), contact your home insurance company immediately. Each insurance company has different insurance policies, have different definitions of catastrophic storm events (e.g. sustained winds over approximately 130 km/h, or hail stones over a certain size). This is the threshold insurance companies use to determine whether you are covered for roof damage resulting severe weather. If you are unsure whether you have coverage for the damage, there is no harm in asking your insurance company for a professional assessment. Either way, you can always request that Meerkat Roofing & Exteriors be your service provider.

2) If you are in fact covered for the damage, initiate the process to make a claim, requesting that Meerkat Roofing be your service provider. Once this is processed, your insurance company will contact us directly to provide instruction. You may contact our office at any point to help expedite repairs associated with an insurance claim that has been assigned to us.

3) If you are not covered, contact our office during business hours to get an estimate. If your roof is leaking, call us immediately for assistance (see Roof Leaking step 3 above).

4) Please note that damage due to storm events will not always mean your roof will start to leak or there will be immediate damage to the home itself.  If your roof does not start to leak right away, it most likely does not need to be repaired immediately. If however, it does start to leak and your insurance company is dealing with Meerkat Roofing, call us immediately. If our office is closed, our emergency phone number is 403-874-5550. We can usually get our crews out within 24 hours, sometimes within just a couple hours. We can do an emergency patch/waterproofing to prevent any further damage and this service can be reimbursed by your insurance company later on.

5) Please note that insurance claims can take days, weeks, or even months to be processed depending on your insurance company and the number of claims it receives after a storm event. Once your claim has been processed, and we receive instructions from your insurance company, we can typically send out our crews to complete a full repair within a few days.


1) Contact your insurance company (there is no risk to ask for a professional assessment if you are unsure about whether the damage is covered).
2) Initiate a claim (you can request Meerkat Roofing be your service provider – if no request is made, this decision is left up to your insurance adjustor).
3) Contact Meerkat to help expedite the process if the insurance claim has been assigned to Meerkat.

“Job well done! You are a great company to deal with. Very fast, efficient, clean work. We appreciate all you did. We love our new roof!”
– Joanne and Greg G.