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"Building quality roofs and servicing Calgary and surrounding areas for over 20 years"

How it Started

Meerkat Roofing & Exteriors owner Larry Metz has been roofing in Calgary and surrounding areas for the past 22 years. He started as a roofer and continued roofing as a co-owner to his first local roofing company.

How it Grew

Larry’s ultimate goal was to lead his own roofing and exteriors company, so in 1997 Meerkat Roofing Ltd. was born. Meerkat underwent tremendous success and growth that in 2005 resulted in Larry shifting his focus to directing his company from the office instead of the roof. Not long after that, Meerkat moved to its current business location.

How it Thrived

Larry knows it takes individual effort within a team atmosphere to ensure his customers are getting the best roof possible. He recruited industry experts including site inspectors, safety officers, estimators, and professional administrative staff. Attracting the best subcontractors in the business is paramount when delivering quality work, and Meerkat Roofing & Exteriors staff understands that completely.

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“It’s hard to find good customer service and quality of work nowadays, but your company has it in spades. People should know that when it’s done right there should be no stress or inconvenience to the customer, which is exactly the experience we had.” – John & Debra

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